Vinyasa All-Level Yoga


Vinyasa Yoga emphasizes a continuous flow of movement linking a series of postures. Build strength and flexibility as you move with your breath. Develop a sense of calm and gratitude as you open your senses to mind and body.

"All Level" indicates that regardless if you are a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, you will feel both challenged and at ease during this practice. We invite beginners and intermediate level yogis to attend this practice. This class is formatted to learn and grow together in a common goal toward personal achievement letting go of all competition and expectations brings us to a place of purpose.


  • Build strength & flexibility

  • Learn yoga basics and/or continue to build on core yoga poses

  • Reduce stress

  • Creates a sense of calm & gratitude

  • Supports mind and body wellness


  • 60 Minutes


  • All levels are welcome to participate.