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Cultivate an Open Heart Yoga Workshop


Enjoy a heart-opening yoga practice at a slow and gentle pace with doTerra Essential Oils. Explore a combination of oils incorporated throughout this practice to help cultivate an open heart and a quiet mind.  

Check in, set up your mat, and enjoy a brief welcome and introduction to the doTerra oils we will be using in this class. We will begin with centering and breath-work and continue to move through various yoga poses incorporating the oils.  

A series of 6 oils will be used during this self-care event. We begin with a sense of calm incorporating a diffused oil, flowing into uplifting feelings of spontaneity and the joy of self care as we sip a fresh water with a touch of oil, moving into grounding and centering the body an oil will be used to facilitate emotional presence. The main portion of class we will use a calming oil and allow ourselves to release stiffness of heart and mind and open ourselves to freedom of movement. We move to some relaxing seated poses incorporating two more oils supporting healthy kidney function as well as bringing awareness to the emotions connected to love and trust. We end in Shavasana with one final calming oil promoting feelings of stability and ease.



Your heart will be encouraged to experience its full range of emotions in this wonderful workshop. Come away with a feeling of mindfulness, relaxation, and openness for what’s to come in life all while moving your body towards wellness.

  • Duration of event is 90 minutes

  • Oils are chosen to link with our senses as we move through class

  • Oils will be diffused, consumed and placed on head, neck, and shoulders; low back; and feet. It will be necessary to be open to being touched by the instructor on these body parts.

  • Everyone will leave with one free gift

  • Bring a mat, block, and blanket if you have them. There are some available for use in studio, but please note that they are first come, first serve.  

  • Class is limited to 6 people


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