What to expect

Come prepared to let go of expectation in a judgement free environment as you join a group of like minded people. Explore guided movement and meditation. Wear comfortable clothing and bring an extra layer or blanket for Shavasana (final relaxation). Arrive at least 5 minutes before class start time and leave your cell phones and personal belongings in the space provided outside of the studio. Some mats are available for use, however, we do encourage you to bring your own if you have one. Register online, and if you have to cancel please do so at least one hour before start time or your class credit will be automatically deducted. If you are coming to your first class you can also print, read and sign the waiver below.



what to wear

You will want to wear comfortable clothing and bring an extra layer or a blanket for Shavasana (final relaxation).



What to bring

You will want to bring a yoga mat, an extra layer or blanket for Shavasana (final relaxation), and a water bottle if you’d like. We do have a few mats and blocks available for use, however, we do encourage you to bring your own if possible.



how to pick a class

Finding a class that is the right fit is a matter of personal preference. Everyone is welcome to explore all available class opportunities.  The Gentle Flow Classes are a great place for a first time experience unless you are looking for a greater challenge. Take your time reading through class descriptions to better assist you in choosing the class you want to attend.



Unexpected Cancellation

Sometimes an unexpected event turns up in our lives. If an instructor can not make it to a scheduled class for some unexpected situation we do reserve the right to cancel a regularly scheduled class. The cancelation will always be documented on the schedule at least one hour before class is to be held. It is advised to check the schedule an hour before you come to make sure it is in session. When a session is canceled, an email will also be sent to your inbox.



Weather Cancellation

Living in Michigan we are subject to some pretty harsh winter weather. Our cancelation policy is based around the Bad Axe Public Schools. When they are closed due to inclement weather, the studio is also closed. If you have a private group on the schedule and the majority of you still want to hold class, we can make a per case decision together.



signing up

Signing up and paying for classes online is easy with StudioBookings, our new scheduling program. If you are new to Pure Yoga, fill out the registration form, create an user ID and PASSWORD and sign up for the class of your choosing by selecting the “I’m New Here” option below. If you had an account with us on MindBody please follow the link below.



How To pay

It is encouraged to pay online when you schedule your classes. You will be prompted to plug in your payment via credit card. This makes life easy for everyone. You can sign up and pay and as you and class credits are automatically deducted. You will receive an email reminder when credits are getting low.



Package Expiration & Policy

All packages, from the single session to 12 sessions, has an expiration date. Please be aware of how long you have to use your credits. You can find the timeframe you have left to use your credits in the “my schedule” area of your StudioBookings account.

If you buy a package during the winter months and classes are cancelled several times due to weather, I will extend your package within a reasonable time frame. If you are unable to use your package due to valid health issues or other reasons, please contact me personally to find a solution.

 It is encouraged for all clients to register and sign up for their class online before classes start. However, if you purchase a package and decide you want to plug all of your sessions into the calendar in advance, please be aware of the dates you have pre-registered for. If you are unable to attend and registered for a class a month in advance, the system will deduct that credit if you don't "early cancel" at least one hour before class starts and you will lose that credit. If a class is full and you are signed up but do not attend you are taking away the opportunity for another client to participate in that time slot.

We appreciate your mindfulness with these policies. Thank you!