I started doing yoga with Lisa over four years ago. I wanted to become more flexible and learn how to meditate. It has been a wonderful experience. Lisa is excellent at describing poses and offering modified versions of most poses. I like the fact that no two classes are alike and that it's not competitive. The studio is so peaceful and her soothing voice along with the nice selection of music makes the class very enjoyable.

Four years into my journey with yoga, I can honestly say that I have deepened my practice substantially. I feel much stronger and more relaxed. It's an amazing feeling when you finally connect the breath to the movement. I feel so grateful to have Lisa as an instructor and am thankful that she has brought yoga to our community.

Carolyn Flannery | Adult


As an eighth grader still growing I was in pain and couldn’t sleep. A friend of mine recommended that I try yoga with Lisa MacAlpine. Let me tell you, it was a life changing decision for me; I was sleeping better, becoming more flexible, and I could tell it helped with my sports. Performing yoga with a few windows and a dark space allowed me to relax and not become too distracted. When a few candles were lit it the aromas filled the room and the stresses of the day were lifted. The yoga released my tight muscles and allowed me to feel better and sleep throughout the night. Lisa MacAlpine’s yoga truly helped me for the better.

Olivia Britt |Student


I enjoy Lisa MacAlpine's easy to follow classes. As a senior citizen, I find that yoga gives me a better quality of life. A yoga session is a full body and mind workout.  Because the stretches and poses develop my muscles, I have better balance and body control that helps me walk and play golf. In fact, after each session, I feel I stand a little taller. Plus during the workout, I become more aware of my mental focus, concentration, and breathing.

Ron Iwankovitsch | Senior


Lisa provides a community space for all levels of yoga. The space is welcoming and the classes offer variations of poses, making them accessible to everyone. I appreciated being able to practice 1-2 times per week for the mental and physical benefits. Over time I saw growth in my poses. Yoga is a great way to clear your mind and find a calm sense of being

Melinda Hadley | Adult


I have been in Lisa MacAlpine’s yoga classes since she became an instructor. The classes are held in the First United Methodist Church in a large room which has a very calming, quiet, and relaxing atmosphere. I am having some health issues so currently, I am unable to participate, though I have enjoyed yoga and feel so much better after I have been in the class. I look forward to being able to participate again.

Doralyn Cubitt | Senior